Our information leaflet can be viewed HERE

Our standard installation charge is £150 and this includes a lo-end router, the aerial, wiring, mains transformer and all necessary parts.  We do not charge for our time when conducting the initial connection.

Connecting You
We receive requests for connections via phone calls, emails, word of mouth.  We will ask you for your location and full contact details so that we can arrange a visit to survey your site.  To connect there has to be line of sight to one of our broadcasting points.

Assuming the survey is positive, we will arrange an installation date and ask you to complete our Connection Request form (HERE).  Completing this consents to MWM using your contact data for the purposes of the company (see MWM Privacy Policy HERE) and is in line with General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

We have to procure and pre-programme equipment before installing on a date agreed with you. An aerial is fixed in a prominent position, often fastened to your existing TV aerial pole, so that it can ‘see’ our broadcast point.  If desired, dishes can be painted to blend in. From the aerial we run a thin cable (similar to a TV aerial cable) to a convenient termination point in your premises.  This is usually a wireless router which then broadcasts to the house.  We are not able to use any existing routers but have several to choose from that we have tested and can supply, from low to higher prices.  As you would expect, the cheaper ones are not as powerful or have so many features as the more expensive ones.  We will discuss this with you to help you choose.  There are other ways than using a router, to distribute the signal around your premises.  These we can explain and if you wish, supply, install and commission,  but they would incur charges above our standard installation.

Charging You
You will need to tell us which connection band would suit you (for details see our information leaflet above).  We will send the Connection Request Form to our Finance Officer who will organise for monthly payments to be taken, and write to you with full terms and conditions (HERE), invoice for the installation work (example HERE) and our welcome letter (example HERE).  Go Cardless manages our monthly payments and deals directly with you.  All MWM does is give to GC your contact email address from the Connection Request Form that you completed.

Additional Works
Work we are requested to carry out additional to a standard installation will be charged for.

Tracking Your Usage
After installation and commissioning we will confirm your username and password so that you can check out your data usage.


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