Why We Do It
To provide a reliable broadband service, focusing on areas where none is available, or likely to be from any of the main players, in the near to mid future.

Our Story
MWM commenced operations prior to 2005, becoming a limited company (by guarantee) in 2005. Having created and maintained the Martley village web site for some years (from 1999), great frustration resulted in the poor Internet connections available, and no hope of any improvement foreseen.

Led by the initiative of our Chair (Richard Jackman) a small network of users was established.  These drew their connection to the outside world from standard telephone lines, broadcast by wireless technology.  The fastest speeds then were around 7 or 8 megabits per second, whereas the old dial up was +-0.13 Mb/s. Interest in the system grew and soon, too, the technology changed.  Gone were computers at each node point, in came point to point aerials, dishes and panels. The wave of technology never stopped; usage demands climbed exponentially, putting extreme demands on the system, causing slowdowns and leaving MWM with monthly fines for over usage that sapped its finances.

In 2015, the MWM Board made a big decision, when it was decided to contract for a full 5 year, fibre connection from BT to MWM central with onward distribution by wireless. After a very protracted and frustrating 10 months of chasing BT Openreach to carry out the work, the fibres were ‘lit’ in January 2016. Although BT itself later installed a residential fibre cabinet in Martley, this has not at all decreased interest in the service we provide. Apart from the responsive and personal service we offer, the main reason is that once a premises is beyond around 1km from the exchange, copper wiring fails to deliver the vaunted speeds.  On the other hand, our signals do not degrade with distance.  We undertake a programme of continuous upgrade to cater for our growing customer base and the ever spiralling demands for connectivity.  It is not unusual to see premises with a dozen or more computers, tablets, phones and so on asking for a connection.  At March 18 MWM had upwards of 150 connected premises.

Call or email:
John, 0774 977 4432, John Nicklin

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