A Scam 23rd July 2018

We’ve investigated the phone call that one of our customers received today, and it’s a scam.  Here is further information.  This has been emailed to all of you too.
Some individuals are being cold called and told that their IP address is compromised.  The call might be either from a live person or via an automated phone message.  They may also say that the router is compromised.  In any case, they are trying to make you believe that you need to install some software to fix the problem.  This is a scam and has been going on for about a year.
What does it mean?
Your IP address is the identifier given to you by Martley Web Mesh and, at any one time, you are the only person on the Internet allocated that number.  Any web site you use can see that number but there is nothing in your IP address that can identify who you are, nor can it reveal your personal details.
What to do
If you get a call, just ignore it and hang up.  These calls are opportunistic and rely on innocence and fear.  Under no circumstances should you ever install software on the advice of someone you don’t know and do not be tricked into giving out your personal details.  If you have any concerns about Internet security, we are happy to help so please drop us an email, give us a call or check out web site: http://www.martleywebmesh.com
Also from one of our members:
Members might also like to know that they can report the call to the authorities:
and they can use BT Call Protect to blacklist the number and, at the same time, report it to BT to put on their database.
We do this and it helps the police build up a picture.
The following is also well worth a look though not directly related to broadband but again, submitted by one of our members (becoming a right little neighbourhood watch, aren’t we?).  HERE

AGM 2018

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